It’s Been 20 Years since Super Smash Bros. Was Released

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Can you believe it’s been so much time since Nintendo launched Super Smash Bros.? It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been so long ago, but it was. Well guys, we can proudly say that we love Super Smash Bros. 20 years already.

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Completely New Approach

It was a ground breaking thing back in 1999. Sure, Super Mario and other famous characters have been stars of spin offs but not in the way Super Smash Bros. presented. Speaking from this distance we can say it was a great decision, but it certainly wasn’t an easy one to make. Back then, it was a Russian roulette game.

All-Star Game

With Super Mario as leading, all-star crew including, to name a few Link, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, EarthBound’s Ness and F-Zero’s Captain Falcon was a real hit for Nintendo.

Those characters have never been in the same game before that. Who got on such a brilliant idea? The guilty ones are Masahiro Sakurai and future Nintendo president, the late Satoru Iwata. Thank you for this genius idea.

A Huge Success

Nintendo sold more than five million copies of Super Smash Bros. worldwide. Fans all over the world were delighted by this novelty. All of our favorite heroes in one place in a fighting game.

Due to the fact that Super Smash Bros. gained so much popularity, this was just a beginning. Nintendo continued to launch new games in the franchise, added different characters, music modes etc. More success came with Super Smash Bros. Melee which was released two years later after the original game.

More importantly, the most successful and best-selling game of the series is the last year’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Let me just mention that this game was sold in more than 13 million copies in four months. All of that wouldn’t be possible without the original Super Smash Bros.


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