Newest VR Game – Asgard’s Wrath


Asgard’s Wrath, the new VR game from Occulus is going to have the massive instal size of 121.08 GB, according to the statement from the company when the release date was confirmed at Occulus Connect 6 recently.

At Occulus Connect 6 it was announced that the release date was 10 October. Gamers have been looking forward to Asgard’s Wrath as it is one of the most ambitious role playing games for VR yet. That is why it uses up 121 GB.

A member of UploadVR got to play a demo version of Asgard’s Wrath at E3 and was impressed by the game and how it played.

To begin with the game is an Occulus Rift exclusive, yet should be available to play on PC in November via Quest. To do so your PC has to be VR ready and you need to connect with a USB C cable.

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