Assault Wave, Aniway’s Awesome New Real-Time Tactical Action Mobile Game

     Ever imagine having a seriously intense gaming experience on your mobile device?  Well, I never did.  I expected such games to only play on the advanced graphics processing units of a laptop or desktop computer.  Increasingly, though, more and more mobile games have awesome graphics, more indepth storylines and are holding my interest like traditional PC games. 

I’m finding myself conveniently drawn into hours and hours of productivity-sapping gameplay.  The latest of these games on my wishlist is Aniway’s tactical game “Assault Wave” for iOS devices.  By the looks of its trailer, I will probably be spending many hours having unproductive fun with it.    

     Set during WWII, “Assault Wave” is a real-time tactical action game that offers sixteen different maps to test your strategic prowess.  It has both a single-player mode, pitting you against the AI, and a multi-player mode in which you can play an opponent on the same device or challenge aspiring military commanders from around the world online.

 Playing as either the U.S. or Germany, you can drag and drop units on the map and give them orders.  You are the supreme commander of your side’s air force and tanks.  It’s also possible to give your forces additional capibilities and power boosts.

     “Assault Wave” is available for the iPad or iPhone.  Be sure to take a look at its trailer on Aniway’s official website.

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