The Best Android Apps in 2019

Android apps are being developed from time to time. There are some apps which stand out, and they tend to attract a lot of people who keep on downloading them. You may be surprised to learn about the alternatives available in the market. Most popular android apps come with several options which you need to check out. Here are some of the most popular Android apps:


It is a photo editing tool which allows you to incorporate features of the art from the 1980s. Download it here!


It is an app developed to help you organize your exercises. Remember you need to stay organized to benefit from workouts and the app does exactly that. CLICK HERE if you want to download it!


It is an app which helps you keep items you download in order. Features of the app help in extending the capability of the default download manager in Android.


It allows you to customize your calendar so that you can easily access daily tasks.


It is an app which helps in automatically transcribing the voice message you receive in WhatsApp or any other messaging platform into text. It avoids the stress of having to listen to the voice in some places where it can be awkward. The app also helps hearing-impaired people. Download it right here!


It is an app which helps you to manage how to interact with loved ones. It can let you know when your loved ones are available to interact, or you can customize on when it is time for family. It solves the problem of having overtaken by gadgets forgetting about family members.

Gallery go

If you find it hard managing your photos using Google Photos, the app has several inbuilt features which make it very easy to manage photos.

Shadow weather

There are several apps which gather weather information from public services. The app stands out in such a way it transparently organizes the weather information.


It is a snap chat accessory which allows you to send photos anonymously. If you intend to interact with people while hiding your identity, the app can be a great bet.


There are several reading materials out there. You can have novels among other reading materials. The app allows you to gather the reading materials quickly.

Here, you can watch a short video where you can see how these apps look, and if you like some, you can download it!

These apps are mostly free, and if you are interested in free games, take a look at this list!


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