Best Android Games That You Can Play Now

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If you are looking for some good games that you’d like to play on Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Instead of browsing Google Play Store without an idea what is good and what is not, relax in your chair and continue reading our selection.

Monster Hunter Stories

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter World – the console game, you’ll love this mobile version. Prepare for hunting monsters!

Real Racing 3

Those who like racing games will be pleased with Real Racing 3. This is a classic racing game – a lot of cars, tracks, options and a multiplayer.

Horizon Chase

This is another fun and great game for fans of racing cars games. Horizon Chase may not look like a real car race, but it is tremendously fun. That’s the point, isn’t it?


There isn’t much left to be said about Fortnite. This superb game is now also available for Android, but with just one catch. Instead of finding it on Google Play, you’ll need to download it from Epic Games website.

Into the Dead 2

Care for some apocalyptic zombie world? In this game you have to save your family from zombies and in order to achieve that, you’ll have to do a lot of super interesting stuff. Download it here.

Pokemon Go

We all witnessed the hype about Pokemon Go. This game will bring you a lot of joy and fun, and replace a few gym classes as well.


Some games are just considered classics and you have to like them. One of those games is the Pac-Man. This arcade game is timeless.

Minecraft-Pocket Edition

Similar to Pokemon Go phenomenon, the adored Minecraft that everybody is crazy about is now available for Android.

Super Mario Run

Another masterpiece game on the list. Nintendo’s legendary Mario made its way to Android. Slightly changed and with some differences, but it is still the great old Mario.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a great game, similar to its predecessor Alto’s Adventure. We can now explore mysteries of the desert on our mobile devices also.

The Room: Old Sins

If you prefer escape room games, you’ll enjoy The Room: Old Sins on your smart phone.

Trivia Crack

For those who are looking for some knowledge competition and challenge and learning and having fun at the same time, this is the right game. There is also Trivia Crack 2 available. Make sure to find this game on Google Play.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Soccer fans have probably already been playing this game on PC. This great sports game is now available on mobile.

Check out some more must play Android games!


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