Best Games for Children

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We provided you a list of carefully picked best games for your girls and boys. All those games are free and safe for kids to play. They are more than safe. Those games encourage creativity and critical thinking.

Appropriate, fun and without violence, here are the best free games for kids age 5-11.

If your kids like animals to be the protagonists, here are some games with cool animal characters!

Best games for Android tablets and iPhone

Lego Creator Islands

Who doesn’t like Lego? We all played with Lego and love it. Of course, this is a substitute for the real thing, but a pretty great substitute. We present you the official Lego game. Your kid will collect bricks to buy Lego sets, eventually getting houses and cars.

Disney Crossy Road

Your kid probably loves Disney characters, right? Well, it will most certainly adore Disney Crossy Road. If you are familiar with the original Crossy Road you’ll know what this one is about. It’s the same game just with Disney characters which your child will find very cool.

As the name of the game suggests, the goal is to eliminate obstacles on the road and safely get across the road. Well, the best part is that you get to do it as a Disney princess or some other popular Disney character.

Fruit Ninja

Boys and girls will adore this game. Imagine your finger being a knife that has to cut fruit and all you have to do is to wave your knife (i.e. finger fast). Your kid will have an enormous fun with this. Wait for more! The best part is that it offers local multiplayer so two kids can compete who will slice its fruit better.


Spaceteam is the ideal game if you want to teach children what a team spirit means. You’ll need several devices and once you connect hem all, the fun may begin. As you can guess, kids are the spaceteam in a ship that has to avoid an exploding star.

Games for PCs, MACs and web browsers

Quick, Draw

This is a wonderful game for developing your kid’s creativity. The game tells you what to draw and gives you a time limit. The trick is to figure out as quickly as you can the key visuals describing something.


Imagine the basis of Pac-Man and other legendary arcade games adjusted to modern world of video games. There is a maze and your goal is to find a key for the exit, but Forget-Me-Not is much more than that. There is so much chaos and craziness which ensure the unforgettable fun your kid will have playing it every time.

Little Alchemy 2

If you are looking for something which will help your kid to relax, have fun and play but at the same time think and learn some things, Little Alchemy 2 is the right choice. You’ll be given a bunch of blocks that will combine and become something else.

Cube slam

This game game is pretty basic one but gives you a lot of fun. Your opponent is a bear and you need to avert the ball. As the game progresses and you win, you’ll get some interesting extras.


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