Best Games Like Pocket Mortys

Adult swim recently developed Pocket Mortys, which has kept people entertained for a considerable period. The game offers lots of entertainment for iPhone and iPad users. Hence, we compiled a list of Pocket Morty’s alternatives, which can substitute the game when you are done collecting all the Mortys or when you want to take a break.

The following is an overview of games that have monster-collecting challenges, and are the most recommended alternatives for Pocket Mortys:

1. MicroMon

This game has a storyline that allows you to enter the big space of Pixekai. Some of the frequent encounters include capturing, training, and battling a wide array of monsters. You can overcome all the battles along the way to earn the title of Pixekai’s top tamer.

2. DragonSoul PRG

Although this game has a distinctive storyline, part of it includes gathering monsters and combatting them against other actual gamers. This game is fun and addictive, so I suppose you will love it.

3. Hunter Island

This game involves epic monsters and dragons plots that enable you to explore an adventurous world. It consists of an island that is under numerous calamities, and thus the residents require a hero (the player), to save them from all the calamities. You can gather, train, and fight hundreds of monsters in this game.

4. Haypi Monster

Awaiting you is a cartoon-style Lost Tower game. It has approximately 200 kinds of monsters that you will accumulate and take care of; so that they help you to combat the shadowy lost tower.

In case that you are VR lover, check this out!


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