I am proud of the handy work my Ipad Air 2 can help me accomplish irrespective of where I am without me having to carry my tiresome and bulky laptop as compared to the iPad.

The iPad campared to the laptop has less weight which makes it favorable for me to do my writing job irrespective of my location whenever I have free time. It is small in size, and the built-in keyboard is the only problem I experience when writing as it is slow when typing and the worse thing is that the arrangement of letters keeps confusing me.

The user should install another keyboard for their iPad Air ore Air 2. To make your work easy, we researched the best keyboards below, which putting into consideration the cost making it affordable despite tight budgets.  We are assured of their compatibility as you work.  With the keypad below, we are assured will do perfect work on your iPad.


This is a high-quality keyboard combination due to the following features; it can be separated from the keyboard but still have it safe as is protected by the case which is, made by aluminum.  iPad Air operates in both landscape and portrait mode. It has clip magnets which help on battery saving and insecurity.


It has a long-lasting clamshell which protects the iPad. It also allows you the user remove the keyboard when not using it. It is also easy to attach to the phone even after separation when not required for use.

It also solves the problem of slow typing by making it faster as compared to the original keyboard due to the limited space it has. It is also adjustable vertically, horizontally and at 360 degrees. Besides it is easy to clean as it comes in black, it also has a great protective case for the iPad.

With these two keyboards, you are assured of perfect work while typing.

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