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Wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash


Ethereum Cryptocurrencies

As years go by, cryptocurrency is one of the main segments of blockchain technology that climbed its way to the mainstream industries such as healthcare, finance, retail and more. It is highly contributing to our every-day life and shaping today’s system of finances.

Blockchain Wallet was launched back in August of 2011 and even today is considered one of the most popular software wallets, providing security and effectual storage. With year of experience in the crypto universe, this intuitive instinctive interface is perfect to use on any smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. You are able to send assets as well as store your cryptocurrencies using the app or easily exchange with high-level of security.

Blockchain Wallet features:

1. Security

-you will be provided with option to set up a 4-digit pin code or biometric authentication

– just you will have access using private keys

-an option for TOR Blocking

-two-factor authentication

-backup and recover option with unique backup phrase

2. Usability

-over 21 languages

-supports QR code for requesting payments

-send Bitcoin payments with Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, etc around the world

3. Accessibility

-real-time quotes with historical price charts

-buy/sell cryptocurrencies in more than 30 countries

-each process of exchange is done on the chain, so it remains safe from fraud activities

-best exchange rates

Pros and cons:


√ Advanced Security features

√ Intuitive user interface

√ suitable for buying Bitcoin directly via your wallet


X compatible only with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash

X unable to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies via your wallet

Why Blockchain?

Loved by users, praised by geeks, recognized by the press!

We highly recommend blockchain for obvious reasons; if you are in search for an app that will provide you with a full control of your private keys and control access to your cryptocurrencies, this is the app you are looking for. Giving you the ultimate comfort of the security, while you effortlessly send, store and receive (even exchange) your cryptocurrencies, Blockchain will always be available from your desktop or smartphone device.

It operates on all Android and iOS devices, available worldwide and using high security, Blockchain Wallet is designed for easy access from anywhere anytime (if you have a working internet connection). If you are interested in sending Bitcoin, you will be required to pay a fee to the mining community – the higher the fee, the quicker your transaction will be confirmed.

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