Boxing Star Tips & Tricks

While boxing seems simple, you must be quite consistent in placing punches at the right time. Courage is a must-have and every round count, we are here to throw some tips and tricks for becoming a champion in Boxing Star, the perfect mobile mind game. You will start as amateur and slowly arise to one of the best fighters. Here are a few tips and tricks that will show you how it is done!

1. Keep a close eye on your stamina and switch your attacks often

To keep your opponent always questioning your next move, avoid repeating the same move over and over again, since that way you enemy will always know what’s coming next. Change your delivery of Hooks, Jabs and Uppercuts and try simply dancing around your opponent to keep him guessing. The best way is to attack first, and that way incapacitate your enemy with Counter Punches.

After the opponent is disoriented, attack him with multiple uppercuts and right after that release your “Hyper Skill”. Avoid being predictable and mix up your tactics as much as you can while adopting a new strategy. Look out for your stamina which is an indicator beneath your health meter.

2. Practice, earn skill points and make a skill set

Once you do some training, you will unlock the Skill Points with which you will acquire different abilities: Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Specials and Stances. All abilities can be purchased and once you get them all, you can fill them up with different set of skills.

Each skill is fixed with a different color. For example, green is tied to the “Counter Master” and it is stronger than orange and orange to the “Lucky Puncher” and it is stronger than purple and so on.

3. Get in the League

You might participate in the League matches and by winning these kinds of fights you will be rewarded with Star Points. As you climb up to higher ranks in the League, you will be rewarded with a League Box. Try to collect as many boxes as you can, and you can do that by participating in matches that are in the League, and only that way.

4. Always be on top of your sponsorship portion

After every victory you will be rewarded boxes which are containing items you can equip by clicking on the “Gear” in the main menu and clicking on “Manage” and wear new piece of equipment. Keep a close eye on your sponsors so if you collect for example “String Bee”, make sure to fill its equipment.

Make sure to collect all items in the set and once you do that, you will be rewarded with a special bonus item. You don’t have to carry around in your inventory and keep the item with you, since it will always stay registered in a collection list so you can never lose it. Don’t be scared to get rid of a piece of gear in order to upgrade.

5. Socialize as much as you can!

If you become social, you will get more Gold and you can even connect your account to Facebook and earn bonus Gold! Make sure you screenshot all victories and share them with friends; you can even earn extra S-Coins by adding friends! With S-Coins you can buy new types of “Swank” – it comes in the form of a “Crib”, “Entourage” and “Wheels”.

While Cribs help you earn those extra coins, Entourage will reward you with one Bonus during the day. Wheels will reduce how much time you will wait to open Delivery Packages, so that might come in handy.

If you haven’t played this amazing game yet, you can download it if you click here!

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