Crazy Future Inventions

Sometime back the technology that is available today was just a dream. Today they are readily available which shows just how much technology has advanced in the past millennium.

Even so, there are still some ideas that seem “too futuristic” even though they are not that far away.

Hyperspeed Travel

The past 5 years have seen Tesla CEO talk about hyperloop, a super-fast traveler system for passengers. The technology which is now close to being real will use a vacuum tube to hold trains that can go up to 700 m/hr between different cities. Permission has already been granted to start work that will connect Washington to New York.

Electric Airplanes

The year 2013 saw electric airplane travel with passengers even though it only traveled at half the speed of normal planes. It is now estimated that by 2030 such airplanes will be available, thereby helping reduce the price of flight tickets.

Foldable phones

Soon, users will be able to get more usability with smaller smartphones that can be folded. Samsung already took the lead with their tablet that could be folded to fit a regular smartphone. The near future is expected to bring more such phones that will be able to fit any pocket size.

Flying Taxis

Although it may seem far fetched, Uber already has prototypes of air taxis under the company Uber Air in collaboration with Bell Helicopter.

Memory-Aiding Implants

According to a statement made by an Apple executive, having artificial intelligence that would enhance human memories was inevitable. The same executive was behind Siri and is now working on technology that will be used to download or upload memories to prevent their loss. If you want to find more about Apple Arcade, click here!

X-Ray Visions

MIT is developing a system that will “analyze radio waves” and formulate a 3D image of any individual close by. The image will be seen by someone wearing an “augmented reality headset”.

VR Changing Rooms

Changing manually when buying clothes will no longer be necessary, thanks to the virtual rooms. These are apps that will virtually show users how the clothes will look on them. One such app, Swivel Selfie, is already available and more are expected to follow.


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