Empires & Puzzles Tips and Tricks for Success in all Modes

Developed by Small Giant Games, Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest is an amazing puzzle adventure MMORPG game where you use your strategies and tactics carefully in order to defeat the enemy or opponents. You will be able to summon variety of heroes and gather more cards while fighting with the dragons. It all is quite exciting so without further a due, these are tips and tricks for becoming the legendary player.

1. Remember All Elements

 Remembering the elements of strength and weakness will come in handy, so if you are playing PvP, knowing how much damage you can do to your opponent is crucial. Find the right combo that your enemy is vulnerable to and use it to your advantage.

2. Focus on Battle Items and Troops

You will be able to participate in Empires and Puzzle’s campaign mode, but it is best not to try it out on your first day. Once you get a accustom to controls and flow of the game, you can head on to campaign mode and become more powerful and get better items. You can also bring heroes to life which can be quite useful in certain boss fights. Make sure to get the most powerful troops and make your job a little easier.

3. Build Your Watchtower

It is crucial for PvP mode to already have a Watchtower and that’s because you will get more resources you can use, and it is more difficult. Although, you can battle with your troops, is more fun to make things more challenging and in return get a better reward. Try different approaches and see what you find more useful.

4. Join an Alliance

After you reach player at level four, you will be able to join an Alliance and get more opportunities to battle Titans – in which’s case you will be needing a few Alliance members. Make things more fun and work together while fighting the enemies.

5. Want Premium Currency?

You can find on the left side the chests so don’t forget to check them out from time to time since you can get loots such as gems and you can unlock them by filling up the bar that indicates the progress. To acquire bonuses, you will need to build a Watchtower for the Heroes Chest and have or be a part of an Alliance. By doing this you can also get premium currency so do check out Wanted Missions.

6. Finish the Daily Quest

Participate in taking on quests after you reach your player to level 10. You can find your new quests using the Quest Map but be sure it will take you some time to complete all quests and it won’t be easy. Reward will always be forth it so make sure to always complete your Daily Quests and get those rare materials you are waiting for. With them you can make some advanced upgrades.

7. Be Smart and Grind

The more you go further in the game, more resources you will be needing, which means more food, upgrade materials and iron. You can use Autoplay to repeat certain earlier levels and that way gather needed resources and it will be much faster to complete than going back yourself.

8. Place Your Heroes in the Right Order for PvP

It is really important how you position your Heroes because that will affect how much damage you will make to your opponent’s health. Make sure to place your middle hero in front making them not so vulnerable. You can try positioning your high-defense heroes in the middle to act and serve as a tank.

And that would be all for our tips and tricks for Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest, but in case you have some suggestions make sure to let us know in the comments. We are also curious to know your tactics and strategy guides on becoming the dominant warrior while claiming the victory, so don’t hesitate to write a comment and hopefully you find this guide useful.

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