Free Esports Competitions in High Schools

Jordan Zietz can easily pass as a typical 17-year old teen who loves sports, but he is the founder and CEO of the eSports League—a company that brings competitive electronic gaming to high schools.

He recently announced that he acquired funding from Eric Bensussen, who is the president of the gaming controller company knowns as Power A. eSports offers gaming competitions in numerous titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Overwatch and Fortnite.

Goal and Mission

eSports League has joined the group of electronic gaming companies that give away an estimated $300 million in prizes annually and aims at offering high schoolers scholarships and prizes worth millions of dollars.

Zietz said that his company aims at involving students who are physically unable to participate in sports in the field. He also looks forward to using his investment to increase the popularity of the league and expand participation among students


Despite formidable competition from companies like High School eSports League and PlayVS, Zietz’s eSports League has quickly expanded in the last few months. The company boasts more than 5000 registered teams, which is significantly higher than those of its competitors.

This success is largely attributable to the fact that eSports League doesn’t charge students to play, unlike other companies. In a past interview, Jordan Zietz said that he allowed free entry and gaming on his company as he believes that all students should be able to showcase their merit in gaming.

In spite of its massive success, the company is comprised of a 12-member team that includes both adults and high school students.

Jordan Zeitz Motivation and Challenges

Zeitz harbored a passion for gaming from an early age. He began a video rental company at the age of twelve and had started a virtual reality company way before establishing eSports League.

He observes that among his key challenges in the business is having to co-sign documents like disclosure contracts with his parents since he is a minor. He also stated that he consults with his parents, teacher and his sister, Rachel Zeitz, who also started a company that sells lacrosse equipment at the age of 13.

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