Football Tactics Review

I went from loving basketball simulation games to football games. I am not a good football player so maybe that is why I like Football Tactics so much. This game allows me to get to the top level and have a chance of coming out on top.

Football Tactics allows you to get to the top of the game. All of the names of the players are made up. This game will keep you entertained and you will not be able to stop playing it.

The game is a slash tactical football game. You will pick your team and select your league. You can change the lineup order, change the players, and train your existing players. You can also trade them and sign on new players.

This game allows you to take control of tactical mode. The players will be able to complete three moves each turn. You can direct where to pass and how to move. The goal is to make a touchdown. On the defense, you can tell the players to make a tackle or you can do nothing if you are already in the lead.

Each player has their skills so it was important to learn them to make a good team.  The player has their stats so it is important to look at what they have versus the players they are going up against.

This game will allow you to play around a little in the management but the game is still fun.

There is a big bonus for the game. The game is free for players.  The developers are also making a PvP matches so the game will continue to grow and improve.

Football Tactics will have you playing for hours. The game is entertaining and you will not want to put it down. The only downside is that you will be playing when you should be doing other more productive things.

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