Games Similar to Godus

Godus is a god game that was introduced by Peter Molyneux, it took the world by storm and attract a huge following with many who criticize it. Below is a list of some great games like Godus to play while waiting for followers to be born again or building to be ready after losing them to Astaris tribes.


Being the god of your tribe you have to protect and lead your people to victory over other 3 competing tribes. Prepare the land by flattening it to allow your peasant to have space to build a settlement. By doing this you will enable them to give you the power to destroy all your enemies.

Civilization Revolution2

This is a game with a great experience that requires more strategy as compared to other regular Gods game; it is the first game in the civilization catalog developed for mobile devices. You are challenged to build a glorious empire that will stand any test of time.


Sandbox is an extremely complex game with a lot of options that are enjoyable. By starting from scratch you need to build a basic building block like stone, water, and soil, grow plants, raise mountains and generate life. You suppose to gain access to advanced tools for crafting more complex elements, you then access non-organic elements such as metal and light bulbs that allow you to navigate through the universe with both natural and technology creation.

Pocket God

This is the most wonderful game to play. You are the powerful God that rule over the primitive islanders in a remote island; with powers to bring new life and quickly take it away. By exercising your powers on the islanders you can lift them in the air, heat them with lightning and alter the gravity.

If football games are your cup of tea, we have something for you, as always!


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