Google Search History: How to Easily Delete It

Modern technology offers us variety of choices and endless options. Almost anything you think of can be finding on the Internet. Imagine any question and just Google it. There’s our answer immediately.

OK, keeping in mind previously stated, we must ask you something. Have you ever wondered are your activities on the Internet being tracked? You certainly must have asked yourself this question. These days, cybercriminal is very dangerous and constantly raising up. Advertising companies are in constant need and search for our data. Anyone searching the Internet is very exposed and vulnerable. We are all targets.

Luckily for us Google allows us to delete our search history. When someone says search on the Interne probably everyone think of Google. That’s pretty true because Google has a 92.3percent market share in the search engine. Are you interested to find out how can you delete search history? Stay with us and learn.

Turning of Your Activity

The first step you need to take is to turn off your activity. How could you do that? Follow these instructions:

  • sign in to Google account
  • go to Personal info and Privacy
  • tap on the Activity controls under the Manage your Google activity part
  • toggle the button to pause

Deleting Google Browser History

Are you anxious to learn how to protect your data on the web? Here’s the manual:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Next thing you need to do is to find three dots in the top right corner
  • When you find these dots go to History
  • After taking above mentioned step you’ll find an option Clear browsing data
  • When you click on it, new window pops up and asks of you to select the time from which you want to delete search history
  • Tap on Clear browsing data and that’s it. Your data is gone.

 Deleting Google Search History

  • Personal info and Privacy
  • My Activity
  • Top left corner and the option Delete Activity by
  • Select the date

We hope this will help you to feel safer while browsing the Internet. Well, we cannot say for a fact that once you delete your search history on the way above mentioned, it really is deleted permanently but we must trust Google when they say it is. What else can we do?

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