How to Beat Chania In Genshin Impact?

In this guide we will tell you how to become the champion of the tournament! The final task of the “Epic Battle of the Molds” event is taking on Chania, who’s a real tough opponent to beat, and fighting Fatui too.

How to start

Your mission will automatically start on the day after you complete your last one. You can then watch a short cutscene at the scene in Port Ormos to get started.

How to Beat Chania

So, your final opponent is Chania, whose trump card is a whirling pyro-mold which can deal massive fire damage to multiple opponents at once. Electro, Anemo and Pyro mushrooms help him in the battle

This composition is straightforward, but the danger you’ll be most worried about is an overload reaction. It causes explosions and knocks you down.

I wanted to have my own team this time, however, in order to succeed I’ll need a floating Hydro molder, a floating Anemo molder (from Laila), and a spinning Electro molder (from Yae Miko).

You can only fill the 4th place – we suggest you to take a circling Cryo-molder, which will allow you to create a Freeze reaction. You can also choose Dendro-mushroom to create Budding and Stimulation.

The key to overcoming Hania’s squad is first to remove their buffs and healing. You should focus on the Pyro and Anemo molds first and deal with the Electro opponent once he begins creating Overload.

It is important that you note that even once Haniya loses, she will not change her team or approach in battle. If this is the case, make sure to use the same strategy against her as before and don’t let up.

How to Defeat Fatui

Next, you will have to destroy 2 waves of Fatui skirmishers, each with 4 fighters.

Unlike regular mobs, these enemies have less health and can be easily defeated by grouping Anemo with a mushroom in one spot and then using elemental attacks from other molds. Don’t forget to heal your pets from Hyd.

After the battle, you get to watch a long cut-scene. When it’s finished, the mission will come to an end and you will receive 30 primogems, 20 thousand pestilence, 2 hero experience and 4 magical enhancement ore. This can help your troops even more!


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