How to Get Free Apex Legends Heirlooms?!


Apex Legends is mega popular game since it was released, but one thing has always been bothering players – how to get heirloom shards for free? Is it even possible? We know that you wanted them so badly and we are aware that it is very difficult to have them regular way, so we found the solution.

We are going to show you the fastest and the most convenient way to get Apex Legends free coins and free skins. You will be able to upgrade your gameplay on so many different ways!

Below this paragraph you will find the button which will lead you to the page where you can get them all. Click on it and start this exciting journey! Also, read more for precise instructions or watch the tutorial.

Video Instructions!

As we mentioned before, the process itself is pretty simple and fast. It will be over in a couple of minutes, just make sure to follow all the shown steps. When you click on the button, it will lead you to this page:


Apex Legends available packages

Once you are there, choose between two Apex coins packages and heirloom shards. Don’t worry, if you want them all, you can always come back and repeat the process.

We will need to know your EA username. When you enter it, click on the Generate button, finish offers and that’s it! When you enter the game, your account will be ready to spend your free coins/shard on whatever you want!

The choice won’t be easy because there are so many options, but there are some most wanted:

  • Kunai (Wraith’s Set)
  • Raven’s Bite (Bloodhound’s Set)
  • Shock Sticks (Lifeline’s Set)
  • Boxing Gloves (Pathfinder’s Set)
  • Butterfly Knife (Octane’s Set)
  • Too Much Witt (Mirage’s Set)
  • War Club (Gibraltar’s Set)
  • Cold Steel (Bangalore’s Set)
  • Dead Man’s Curve (Revenant’s Set)
  • Problem Solver (Rampart’s Set)

There are many more and we add new ones regularly!

We are here to help!

If you face any kind of problem, our support team is always there for you! Don’t hesitate to ask anything – we will do our best to help you asap!

Also, let us know if there are some things which can be improved – we are doing our best to make your experience with our tools pleasant!

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