Long Expected Lost Castle on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Hunter Studio and Another Indie have decided to part with the Castle Harwood also known as the Lost Castle.

The Lost Castle has had 2 million visitors since it appeared on the PC. This castle will be sold to PS4 and the Switch on September 19th. Four people can get this castle and begin a new adventure.

About the Game

Castle Harwood was a great small kingdom but now it needs to be fixed up. The people that currently live there have violated many aspects of their contracts.

The demonic dogs that live there chewed up the furniture, the goblins ruined the bathrooms, and the carpets are covered in blood. The rent collectors did not fair very well and some have even been killed.

Selling real estate that has been taken over by demons can be a challenge. For those brave enough to look into it there is plenty of treasure to be found in this castle.


Main Features:

-You can invite up to 4 players to take care of the Lost Castle

-There are over 100 weapons to use to fight the demons and 50 sets of armor to keep you safe

 -There are over 50 different magical potions and 70 special items you can use to help secure the castle

 -There is a single-player mode

 -The characters are drawn by hand

  -There is retro action inspired by classic

  -You can level up and gain new skills

Available on Relevant Devices

This indie game was developed by Hunter Studio and they are ready to take this PC game and make it available to be used on the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The game has 2D action and there are many cool-looking characters. It is scheduled for release on September 19th.

If you know someone that wants this cursed castle to let us know. You can visit our Steam page or out site Discord.

About Another Indie

 This company is located in Taipei, Taiwan. This is great for gamers that want access to some of the best games in the world. In case that this game is not your cup of tea, take a look at this one!


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