Madden 20 Confirmed

cover image for madden 20 confirmed

Madden NFL 20 release date is announced. Madden 20 is coming on August 2, except for those who buy more expensive Superstar Edition, who can play it three days earlier. Some other exciting news is also announced.

Who Is On a New Cover?

Are you excited to find out who will be on the cover of Madden NFL 20? Who is the athlete who got this cool role? On the cover of Madden 20 will be the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Good choice guys, Mahomes is a great player.

Get Ready For Some College Football

Guess what is other novelty? College football is back! Yes, that’s right. We were all rooting for college football and we finally will see it on Madden 20. It’s been missed. Leaving behind various lawsuits, college football is back and we love it.

At the start, it will be featured in the game in a limited capacity. There is a new called QB1, but let’s not reveal too much. There is a fair amount of colleges to choose from (ten altogether), including Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, Florida, LSU, Miami, Texas Tech, USC, Florida St.

X-Factor Players

Madden 20 introduces new system called X-Factor Players. As it is announced, there will be around 50 Superstar X-Factor players and over 30 additional Superstar players. What make a difference between those two are the Zone abilities and Superstar abilities.

New Soundtrack

Furthermore, we are expecting a killer soundtrack called “Urban Symphony”. It will be a mixture of traditional musical elements of the sport (i.e. marching bands) and modern elements of pop culture and hip-hop music.

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