My Little Plastic Footprint App Review

Let’s Clean the Earth Together

It is well known by know that plastic is filling our oceans and by 2050 it is expected to be more plastic build up than fish. It is destroying our marine life while only 9% of plastic is recycled.

Many countries worldwide are already volunteering in saving the sea life and making action to cut down on plastic waste. Let’s all together take a plague, make a change and ban single-use plastic while contributing to fixing this worrisome problem.

My Little Plastic Footprint is an ideal app for every beginner that is willing to cut down (or all) plastic in their life and participate in playing the part of making the earth a better place. This app will guide you through everything you need to know about reducing plastic in your every-day routine while inspiring to use in exchange bio-degradable materials.

It will always have a perfect replacement for any plastic tool you have in your home. With a little help from My Little Plastic Footprint you will discover the plastic soup and reduce the plastic footprint by committing to pledge. Through fun illustrations the app will guide you to adopt healthy habits and spread awareness about the plastic use and My Little Plastic Footprint app among friends and family.

The app also consists a cool activity while feeding you information about the plastic soup. The activity can be done in two ways:

  • An interactive quiz: the user will receive knowledge by completing various quizzes, which involve the plastic waste facts and methods that are used to resolve the problem.
  • A Plastic Footprint Calculator: this way you can calculate the plastic footprint which you are spreading.

The app is quite simple and manageable to use. First thing you will need to do is enter your email or simply sign up with an existing Facebook account. After that type in your name and you are good to go. You will immerse into a world of guidance how to live free of plastic while setting a variety of personal goals. Check out all types of plastic you have proudly already got rid of and set new goals with suitable replacements.

There are no in-app purchases, it is completely free app, so you don’t need to worry about the app forcing you to spend money on a cause or something similar. If you want to replace your bathroom necessities or kitchen supplies, or maybe plastic cosmetics, My Little Plastic Footprint will provide you with a fantastic solution while caring for ecosystem and mother nature.

Microplastics are basically everywhere nowadays, contained in our food and water, and we an ingesting them every single day. It does sound harmful, right? Contribute by making a first step by eliminating all straws with reusable metal ones. They are easy to clean and will not get stuck in yet another turtles’ nostril. Let’s care for mother nature together and educate our children to do the same.

My Little Plastic Footprint app will provide you with dozens of different challenging pledges that you can use to reduce your own plastic footprint and contribute in saving the world. You can learn about toxicity of plastic and implement in actions and stop the destructions of seas and oceans. Use this remarkable idea to educate yourself on plastic use and eliminate all together the eternal use of a single plastic bag and container!

Step in a plastic-free life and be proud that your little contribute is huge for the world and might save your children’s and future grandchildren’s lives. Spread the word around and download your Little Plastic Footprint app today.

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