My Story Free Diamonds & Tickets Hack


While you are getting 1-2 diamonds when you finish each chapter, secure yourself with hundreds of free tickets and diamonds with our new My Story: Choose Your Own Path cheats. Decline all future in-app purchases with this amazing hack and never again think about if you have enough of resources.

Our generator will always be at your service, grab as many tickets and free diamonds you wish and hurry to play your game without any interruptions. If you are owning any iOS or Android device, you are a perfect candidate for acquiring unlimited tickets and diamonds within a few minutes. All that it takes is just to complete verification so we could easily dismiss any unwanted threats and hold your free perks just for you.

The downside to this fantastic addicting story-based game, is that the cost to play is way more than what you are getting in return and it basically forcing you to purchase all the tickets and diamonds you need to keep going. It’s practically impossible to get a decent decision or outfit while waiting to finish a chapter so you could get one or maybe two of them. On that note, let’s get you those free tickets and diamonds in a blink of an eye.

How to Hack My Story? Find Out Now!

Since the whole process takes all together not even 2 minutes, your unlimited perks will be in your hands in no time. To hack My Story: Choose Your Own Path, enter username that you are currently using in the game, followed by the number of free tickets and diamonds.

Generator for My Story

After that, click to quickly verify as a human and collect your unlimited resources. By choosing to finish two completely free surveys or simply download two games on your device, you are able to verify and earn your free tickets and diamonds. It is the best and easiest way to hack tickets and diamonds so, don’t hesitate to try out our My Story: Choose Your Own Path cheats and share it with your friends. Once you are done with verifying, open your My Story game again and refresh it.

Free Diamonds and Tickets for My Story

That way the exact number of free tickets and diamonds you have typed in our generator tool, will be flawlessly added to your game so you can use them however you would like. Quick and simple, just the way you like your resources. In case you are questioning My Story cheats, feel free to check out a video with all instructions needed for you to get your free tickets and diamonds.


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