Oculus Link is Going to Work With Steam VR

When the Oculus Link is released in November it’s going to be able to play various virtual reality Steam games such as No Man’s Sky and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Oculus Quest.

Interesting News

The Oculus Connect 6 event recently took place and that’s where Facebook revealed the feature. Quest will be available when the update happens where you can connect your headset into a computer that’s VR ready via a USB cable and unlock a quest to be able to play rift games. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, explained in his keynote speech that every Rift game should be able to work on the headset like that. It was a bit unclear whether he meant games in the Steam store or in the Oculus store.

Even the staff at UploadVR asked Facebook if that meant Link will be able to Steam games on Quest. The representative at Facebook replied with a yes and told UploadVR that once you connect your Quest to your computer via Oculus Link, it’ll work exactly like the Rift.

This makes it so that the Quest will be able to play all of the VR games on the Steam as well as the hundreds already on the Oculus Store. This will incorporate popular titles such as No Man’s Sky by Hello Games’ and Skyrim VR from Bethesda.

Supported System

Facebook also stated that game developers can choose not to use Link support for their games for whatever reason. People who already have Quest can unofficially start a sideloaded style of VR with a virtual machine and use the computer streaming attribute to get the VR Steam content. Link will probably be able to do this better if it’s tethered to a computer.

This leads us to think maybe Quest will even be in Steam‘s monthly survey on hardware.

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