Brief Outward Review by Lori


I was willing to give a fair chance to this game and I really did, but after many hours of playing I still cannot say many good things about Outward. Let’s begin step by step.

You are Not a Hero

First thing that I didn’t like at all is that you don’t get to be cool, awesome, and a superhero. You will not be saving the world. Nope, you’re just a regular man fighting because you’re in debt. That kind of spoils the mood.

The most important thing to learn is how to control your needs such as hunger, your temperature, blood pressure, health etc. A perfect balance of your needs is essential to survive.

The main part of your gear is your backpack. They come in different types. Backpacks may be light weighted or heavy, with more storage space.

Planning Instead of Fighting

Outward, as an RPG, is all about preparing for a battle. You’ll plan, and plan, and plan. When the battle finally comes, there is no much thrill. The worst thing that can happen is you ending up beaten and without supplies. After that, you go on where you left.

The Verdict – Just Average

Don’t get me wrong, Outward is not boring. There is plenty of things happening – you can be attacked by a wolf or a gigantic bird (other animals too), fight monsters and bandits. Nothing comes easily.

Also, like any other human, you’ll have to watch yourself not getting a cold, infection or something similar that can endanger your health. Yet, all those things aren’t enough for Outward to feel like a super exciting game. It’s just ok. For more interesting games, click RIGHT HERE!


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