Premier Manager Review


After spending years of being a football manager fan I have decided to look at other football games such as Thumbstar Games’ Premier Manager for iOS.

The Premier Manager 98 game if the fan and it is fast-paced. This is one of the few programs that continues to show the actual game being played. I have heard good things about this game.

For those that play nothing but Football Manager games, you may have some trouble with the menu options but it will only take a couple of minutes to figure out. You can easily learn how to change the tactics, go on a scout for new talent, and check in your team. You can even set up training.

At the beginning of the game, most of the time will be spent on check out the players and their stats. You will be able to learn about the ability of each player. You can find specific information about your player just by clicking on their names. You will be able to read about their physical features, goalkeeping, and how they perform.

One thing that stood out about Premier Manager is the game uses the current skills the team has with each player having their skills. The team performs at maximum levels and the managers need to guide each player to use these skills. This can be influenced by the position the player is selected to play and how long they have been part of the organization. These are two elements that this game added that can have a big impact on the game.

New players to this game get to see things done more realistically. Two options can be used to find new players. The manager can send scouts to specific countries to see the talent or they can go on an international search for new players.  You can search by position, age of the player, their value, and other features. You will need to look at every player if you want to see their skills but it gives the game a more realistic feel.

The biggest problem with this game is the match engine. This game has a good engine back in 1998 but with all the time that has past, there have been no improvements. The ball is hard to follow up with and it can be hard to aim. If your players and the players from the other team have similar colored jerseys it can be hard to tell them apart.

There are little options to boost things up. this game only has two speeds. There is the normal speed which is slow for experienced players. Fast makes the game hard to watch and hard to follow. If there was an option to show only the best moves this would have been much better. It would have also been good to make a text-only option. You can watch the entire match or can fast forward but learn nothing from the match.

The matches showcase the things that were great about the Premier Manager’s accomplishment. This game is better than Football Manager Handheld where you can see your team play. There are some disappointing things to the game but there are highlights from earlier versions.

On our website, we can offer you some more info about this game, from the other perspective! You might find it useful to read two opinions!

Should Premier Manager be a game that’s recommended? It is worth trying out if you do not mind the match issues and can focus on your team even when fast-forwarding a game. If you want to see your team in action you may be disappointed with this game.  This is worth playing especially if you are into football management games.


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