Top 5 Keyboard Cases of 2019 for iPad Pro 9.7 (2020 edition)

Thankfully, currently on the market, there are thousands of options around at the moment, and prices are definitely at least little lower than before, so there is really no need to spend a lot of money so you could afford a quality keyboard case for your tablet. Using iPad pro makes the user’s experience a lot more enjoyable because of its thin and manageable look and including the keyboard it’s still not as bulky as Macbook or Macbook pro.

Given their laptop-style design, cases will make you feel as if you are using a touchscreen Macbook, and regardless of which model you have, you will find a perfect fit. Today we are going to single out a few best options for iPad Pro and keep in mind these keyboard cases are only suitable on 9.7-inch iPod Pro.

Apple Smart Keyboard


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The first keyboard on our list is certainly, Apple’s Smart Keyboard with the shallow key travel. This one will definitely not cover the whole iPad like other cases, and it is equipped with the Smart Connector – that means you don’t have to pair it via Bluetooth; however, Apple Smart Keyboard is pretty pricey. But if you do want that universal comfort and smooth finish as most Apple products have, this is probably going to be the best choice for you. You don’t have to worry about battery life – everything is handled through the Smart Connector port.  But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this case, we expect Logitech to release also a 9.7-inch version of a similar case that will include the Smart Connector port, so stay alerted. You also have an option of choosing Apple Magic Keyboard which varies around 100$ and save a couple of bucks while still purchasing Apple product.

Eoso’s Ultra-Thin Aluminum Keyboard Case


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If you’re looking for slim keyboard that offers maximum portability and well-spaced keys, with a responsive experience while typing, you are probably going to love Eoso’s Ultra-Thin Aluminum Keyboard Case suitable for iPad Pro 9.7-inch. It has a build-in touchpad and a multi-finger effect, so if you don’t have a mouse with your, your touchpad will be at your full service.

It is a great solution for an excellent price and basically a bargain. Eoso’s Ultra-Thin Aluminum Keyboard Case looks really esthetically pleasing and goes perfectly with Apple’s iPad Pro, with estimated 90 hours of one battery charge. The keyboard is not made from silicone like most of other cases so you will have a feeling like you are typing on a laptop. It is a quite good deal for the price of 30$, even better if you find it on discount!

Belkin Wired Keyboard


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This keyboard includes a lighting cable which prevents a sudden disconnection while you in a middle of something important. The downside is that you cannot use the lightning cable for anything else while you are connected to your keyboard. Otherwise, it is a quality product and forth of your money.

Case-compatible stand that is already integrated, allows landscape orientation and the thing that is going to probably excite you the most: batteries and charging are not needed. The typing experience is very soothing and it’s an awesome product for a good price; you will probably not be disappointed. Give it a try!

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard


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For this price you get an excellent sturdy keyboard that is basic but functions awesome. It could be found in a few different colors and seem fun to the eye, not esthetically pleasing as Apple Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard but still unusual for its slight wedge shape design of angles.

Overall look a little quirky but it doesn’t mean its functions are to be ignored. Performs very well and gets the job done at extremely low price. So, really, it’s up to you to choose if you are suitable with this type of super comfy keyboard case.

Zagg Folio with Keyboard


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Covering the whole back and parts of sides of your iPad Pro, Zagg’s Folio with Keyboard is a perfect protection for your device. It goes excellent with the esthetics of iPad Pro; a leather texture for an expensive feel makes a wonderful addition to the whole lap-top looking vibe if you are going for that. The keyboard consists magnets to activate the sleep and wake functions, so you can always get your stuff finished on time without a worry and also preserve battery.

It’s a great option for a lower price compared to Apple’s own Smart Keyboard so we highly recommend this one. It’s ultra-thin, stylish and gives your iPad a full protection from spillage and scratches, containing several shortcut keys that operate feature right from your keyboard, what more could you ask for this price? Currently, the keyboard is on sale on their official website for 34.99$, so hurry up and get it, since it’s going to bounce back to 129.99$ probably in no time. 

So, do we have a winner?

Have you spotted your favorite keyboard case that you just can’t get your eyes off? Did you find this article helpful and informative? Comment down below and tell us your thought, also let us know what keyboard cases you recommend and share your experience with us, and we will be sure to check out your suggestions.

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