WorkDo – All You Need in One App

It is the objective of every company to improve its productivity, whether it is a startup or an already established firm. Thanks to technological advancements, you can achieve the above objective with the assistance of an app. WorkDo is among the top productivity booster apps of 2019. It improves communication within an organization, and this is why it is a must-have app for all companies whether big or small.

Here is how it works:

We will divide the functions of WorkDo into different categories.

Let’s start with how it works for Big Businesses

It allows big enterprises to create a safe and secure workplace where teammates can switch to different workplaces.

Small Teams

If your team is relatively small and happen not to have a company-wide email address. You can use WorkDo to create your workplace with a custom email address and ask your team members to join. Afterward, you will be free to form groups and ask more friends to join. You can then conveniently host meetings with all team members or on a one on one basis.

For Freelancers

Being a freelancer is one of the busiest profession there is. With so much work to do and zero assistance, the WorkDo all in one smart work app can benefit you immensely. You can have all your tasks lined up on the dashboard. You can also form a group with friends and colleagues. You will receive frequent updates on completed/uncompleted tasks and events that you had planned to attend.

The Key Features of WorkDo

The WorkDo app does entail the following features which are built to help improve productivity in a workplace. They include;

•        Task – This feature allows you to create and assign tasks to your team. You can also track them from your dashboard and see which ones are yet to be finished.

•        Event – The WorkDo app also allows you to plan events, create budgets, and a wide range of activities.

•        Note – With this fascinating app, you can write notes and share it with fellow workers or friends.

•        Files – You can also add different files, such as documents, pictures, and notes.

•        Human Resource – WorkDo is the perfect HR assistant. It allows you to manage all employee data, thus making it easily reachable whenever you need it. You can also use it to record overtime, shifts, leaves, and expenses. These are just but a few of the tools you can find on WorkDo. It is an exceptional productivity app that can ensure smooth communication and interaction amongst workers. It is suitable for small/big firms as well as freelancers. You can also use the app to conduct seminars, workshops, or manage classes.

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