YouTube VR App Review

YouTube VR app was first released in 2016. This app today allows users access to more than 1 million VR videos. YouTube partnered with some of the popular providers so you can have great experience while watching videos on channels such as Buzzfeed, Natural History Museum, CollegeHumor or Tastemade. If you are bored with YouTube’s 2D experience stay with us and find out why you should switch to YouTube virtual reality.

Getting Started

Here are steps you should take in order to start your YouTube virtual reality experience. You should the following:

  • sign in
  • browse videos
  • search videos

When you sign in YouTube offers you various options on your profile. You can view your playlists, subscriptions and other useful things. If you have more than one Google accounts, select one you would like to use with YouTube VR.

Once you signed in you are free to browse videos on your homescreen or in playlists.

When you want to search videos there are to options for doing that. YouTube VR App offers you classical keyboard search and voice search which requires of you to say out loud the word you wish to search. If you’d like to filter the search result, you could select one of the following filters: 360°, 3D, Live and CC.

Why Is YouTube VR App So Good?

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely choose YouTube VR App:

  • you can browse with just a voice command
  • theater mode give you great experience
  • depth and distance are greatly adapted
  • you can choose both voice and keyboard controls
  • You can watch a video while browsing at the same time.

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